Inspired From Above knows that our clothes alone cannot change the world, but collaboration can.  This is why we want to reach out and develop extensive partnerships with individuals, communities, organizations, and institutions that pursue peace, social responsibility, and goodwill.  Our partnership opportunities can help with fundraising or we can create co-branding platforms to help promote positive social campaigns.

By creating strong strategic partnerships and combining our resources, we can create a greater far reaching global impact.  That is why we want our clothes to be used as the symbol of these collaborations and worldwide initiative to make a positive impact.


Inspired From Above Affiliate Program is one of the most rewarding programs offered in the clothing industry.  Now individuals and organizations can help us build our brand, spread our message, and share our success.  Just provide a link from your site to our site at – we’ll offer you an array of exclusive banners and offers to choose from – and you’ll earn commission on sales you drive our way.  Call us for details.


  • Earn an exciting 30-35% commission of the profit for each sale.
  • Exclusive sales, discounts on clothing, and free gifts
  • Monthly payouts

If you or your organization is interested in becoming a partner or affiliate, we’re interested in hearing from you.  Give us a call or create an account with Inspired From Above Fashions.  Together we can make a difference today to make the world a better place for tomorrow. 


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